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All Península Valdés


A family company that started to perform tourism activities in the ‘80s, devoting itself to scuba diving, whale watching and hosting local tourism trips in the Valdes region in conjunction with the old Turipax agency.

Today, the second generation goes ahead with the mission undertaken by the pioneers which is nothing less than a journey where the wheel of wishes makes the visitor find unexpected thrills. Thrills which Valdes Peninsula - a World Heritage -, its local community and the rest of the other inhabitants Nature has developed over millions of years, such as whales, elephant seals, penguins or guanacos, permanently provide us with.

All Península Valdés is the first Chubut agency that organizes its circuits based on an ample, elaborate – though easy to interpret - view of the 4 ecosystems:

  • Land Ecosystem.
  • Coastal Ecosystem.
  • Marine Ecosystem.
  • Underwater Ecosystem.

Summarizing, after 30 years in the business, we are a tourism company that has taken the lead in providing unique experiences in Valdes Peninsula on land, shore and at sea.

As sailors, interpreters and whale watchers with bilingual hosts and boats that have been specifically designed for this purpose, we offer each of our visitors the opportunity of acquiring a profound knowledge of whales from June to December every year.

In the summer we offer a different experience in the South Seas, that is, water rides under the sun and surrounded by the breeze that curls our hair, with our eternal gaze over the cliffs helping us to absorb all that beauty. Sea fauna watching and snorkelling during the summer months are high excellence products for the enjoyment of the whole family.

We also have, for such purpose, an impeccable, comfortable semi-rigid boat for the most adventurous passengers.

The Argentine Coast Authority and Chubut Department of Tourism authorize the practice of this activity which is carried out in a safe and professional manner.