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About us


Teresa Kaminski

One of the officers of the company, a descendant of a typical Polish family, she dedicated herself over the last 30 years to the receptive tourism in the Valdes Peninsula.

She is a great defender of the environment and a pioneer in taking action to build a destination distinguished for its rich fauna, geology and steppe typical flora, that is meant to become a focal point of the world’s interest. Teresa believes that the commitment to nature and its care is the duty of all and every component of the local community.


Tito Bottazzi

A vanguard member of the ecological movement, he was a student of the first class of the Ecology course of studies that started in La Plata Natural Science Museum in the ‘70s.

For 30 years he has fathomed into the underwater ecosystem secrets through scuba diving and the knowledge of the sea, taking thousands of passengers on board to watch and thrill to the sight of the incredible cetaceans that visit us during 6 months a year at the Valdes Peninsula in Golfo Nuevo.


Marine Team

A group of young sea professionals based on Puerto Pirámides that, having embraced the marine environment as a second generation, added to the experience of their predecessors a modern stamp. This is a new attitude that aims at a steady increase in the communication between man and the Southern Right Whale by incorporating the Code of Ethics at Sea and the sustainable use of the Patagonian Whale Watching Technique in the Golfo Nuevo. Navigation and the safety thereof are regulated by the Argentine Coast Guard Authority.


Land Team

This interesting group of female professionals has the responsibility of getting in touch with passenger from all over the world and, through adequate programs, manage the possibility of bringing visitors to the area, either by air, land or sea, to enjoy a one-of-a-kind destination that will allow them to experience in a natural habitat the co-existence of the land, coastal, marine and underwater ecosystems. To achieve this goal, different actions are coordinated, e.g. reservations and passenger “custom-made” requests. There is at present a considerable percentage of visitors from Argentina and neighboring countries and, on a smaller scale, from Europe, the Middle East and India.