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Which is the best time to watch whales?



Navigation lasts approximately 1 hour and a half – the crew that will take you out suits the boat needs and is composed of a captain qualified as a whaling guide, a sailor and a bilingual environment interpreter.


June and July: Southern Right Whales are already to be found in the Golfo Nuevo: there are juveniles, adult females and males that come to mate, and females that give birth in the Doradillo area. Active mating groups and either solitary specimens or small numbers of them can be seen. There is great interaction in the water.

August and September: Typically during these months there are a large number of active individuals present in the Gulf waters. Juveniles, adult males and females can be seen jumping around.

October, November and December: whales start to leave for the feeding areas. A large population of mothers with calves is present at this time with the mothers teaching the young ones how to manage safely in the sea waters for the long journey to the feeding areas that starts in December. There also remain some adult and juvenile specimens making jumps and interesting approaches that surprise the visitors.

Recommendation: try not to come during the extended weekend holiday since the excess of tourists does not permit to fully enjoy the attractions of nature.

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